Arriving in Alaska, 2023

Planning the first visit in 2016, the received wisdom was “you will want to go back!”. Too true. However, it was not to be as soon as wished, but we are there at last.

The journey has been a long one spread over a couple of months. Leaving Tucson on the 15th March and arriving in Haines on the 12th May. (5215 Miles)

When planning the trip, which should last into autumn, it was expected to be a final trip. But making the last leg from Chilliwak, BC, on day three I said to myself “this is not the last time I make this magnificent drive. The Frazer valley, then the Frazer Gorge, the mountains through British Columbia and then The Yukon Territory are just stunning.

The roads in BC were fairly good to drive on and the Alaska Highway from Mile 0 was really good, but of course it would not last!

As yet the climate was still quite chilly with lots of frozen lakes and snow on the mountains. The water in Muncho Lake is famous for being a turquoise colour and it was wonderful to see the ice was the same colour as the water.

Frozen Muncho Lake and Mountains, BC

But as you approach Haines Junction, YT you get a first glimpse of the Kluane Mountain Range, you know you must com back to the land of snow capped mountains everywhere.

Well worth the journey and yet just a beginning.

However, I must share my bias as I really love black and white photography….

The Kluane Range from The Alaska Highway

Then taking the Haines Highway from Haines Junction, YT to Haines, AK you drive for 150 miles through the mountains, often the mountains are right up to the road on both sides.

Snow Covered Mountains of the Kluane Range

Gear: Nikon Z 6 II, Nikkor Z 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 VR S, Sony Digital Film, Nik 6 Silver Efex

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3 Responses to “Arriving in Alaska, 2023”

  1. Mary & Drew says:

    How beautiful your photographs are, Richard. They help us “feel” we are there with you surrounded by the majesty of Mother Nature. We are in awe. Huge love to you both, Mary & Drew xo

  2. Dianne Paradis says:

    It was great to meet you in Haines and share all that the area had to offer. It was such a quaint and friendly town. The campsite on the water watching the whales feed in the morning with the backdrop of the spectacular mountains will never be forgotten. Hope to catch up with you again as both our journeys continue.

  3. Barry Engleman says:

    Wow, we’ve enjoyed the turquoise water of Muncho Lake twice. Now you have made me want to go back for a view a turquoise ice! I had no idea it froze the same color! We managed to be staying at Kluane Lake when the water was mirrored glass. Extraordinary! Keep on reveling in your adventure good friends!

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