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Who Are These Guys?

I am at the TICO Warbird Airshow. I have finished the static shoot as there are now too many people milling around.  So I am back at the car leisurely swapping wide angled lenses for telephoto lenses, there is no rush. It is 11:00 am. with flying due to start at 12:30pm plenty of time […]

Great Egret Chicks – how cute

Great Egret Chicks - how cute

Visiting The Rookery at Venice again there is this Great Egret nest on the edge of the “island” in full view.  For the first time I saw Great Egret chicks – how startlingly strange they look with their green skin an white “punk” plumage around their head and necks.  And those big eyes, which when […]

Revisit to Honeymoon Island State Park, Florida

Revisit to Honeymoon Island State Park, Florida

Yesterday morning I went back to Honeymoon Island State Park.  Mainly because I had heard the day before that there was a pair of Great Horned Owls that had two chicks that had fledged – AND also I had such a great day there on Saturday.  On Saturday I had spent some time moving slowly […]

A Day for Raptors

A Day for Raptors

Today I visited Honeymoon Island State Park (by myself!!) for the first time.  Not knowing what to expect I went directly to the Nature Centre and got some excellent advice on where to go.  So I headed straight for the 3.5 mile nature walk.  Parked, set up “bigger” with a 2x on my D4 and […]

Fort DeSoto

Fort DeSoto

This is my first visit to Fort DeSoto County Park in Pinellas County, Florida.  So this is really only day 3 of my new project – shooting wildlife, in particular birds.  It is at last warm (last week on the East side of Florida it was very cold and windy) with a pleasant breeze taking […]

A-4 Skyhawk and the Wall of Fire!

A-4 Skyhawk  and the Wall of Fire!

So I am back on the trail shooting warbirds.  Because this could be the last airshow the Thunderbirds perform at this year ( because of Sequestration, thanks to those wise men in Washington – the Party that Likes to say NO to common sense) I have been at the TICO Warbird Airshow in Titusville Florida.  It has […]

I Chase “Special Light”

As a photographer I am always studying the light of any potential image and I am always looking for that special, unusual and rare light.  The special light doesn’t happen very often and when I can capture it with a click or two I feel extremely lucky and privileged. Here are two examples of what […]

I just LOVE photographing Silver Birds

Often, as a child, airplanes were referred to as the “big silver bird”.  This description was aimed at civilian commercial airliners rather than military ‘planes (the military always applied camouflage schemes to make their aircraft less visible to the enemy). However, recently, with the restoration of old warbirds (such as the P-51 Mustang, B17 Flying […]

Arctic Camouflage is Great

The Black Diamond Jet Team are a rare commodity in our skies inasmuch as they are civilian owned. During the 2012 season they are fully sponsored by United Bank Card, Inc.  Thank you United Bank Card, Inc. The Arctic Camouflage is a very bright scheme albeit in black, white and grey, but to me as […]

Do I just L O V E this lens!

Do I just L O V E  this lens!

Nikkor 200-400mm f/4 G VRII AF-S Having made the decision to move away from  shooting film in my Hasselblad “V” series cameras I spent over a year agonizing “do I go Hasselblad H4D or Nikon D3X?”.  A key reason for choosing the Nikon path was that I could (eventually) get long lenses and return to Wildlife […]

T-6 Texan Air 2 Air added to

T-6 Texan Air 2 Air added to

This beautiful aircraft in polished metal finish just cries out to me BLACK & WHITE !  So here is the first crop (pun intended, although I don’t crop!) of the images for the T-6 Texan trainer. (Taken on an Air2Air workshop with Moose Peterson). Hope you enjoy!      

Russian Machinery in Mesa, AZ

Russian Machinery in Mesa, AZ

I arrived at Falcon Field in Mesa a day before my photography workshop began (another story to follow).  To get a feel for the location I headed into the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) to look around and get some “static” images of their aircraft. I was surprised to see this Ural […]

Christine and “Woodland Path” installation

Christine and her dog “Tali(sker)” by her wedding present.  Christine says she like to wake up in the morning, look at this image and dream about stepping into the picture to go for a walk. This is a 60″ tall canvas gallery wrap of a woodland path taken in springtime in Great Smoky Mountains National […]

Lindsay and “Waves and Rocks, White Point Island” Installation

Lindsay and "Waves and Rocks, White Point Island" Installation

This is a picture of Lindsay with her 35″ canvas Gallery Wrap of Atlantic waves crashing on rocky coastline of Nova Scotia.  The location of White Point Island is just off of the Cabot Trail in the north east of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada.  It is a very exposed and isolated location […]

Scott and “Little Pigeon River” installation

Scott and "Little Pigeon River" installation

Scott standing next to his wedding present.  A canvas gallery wrap measuring 72 inches wide and 36 inches high.  The image, by Richard King,  is from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and is “The Little Pigeon River”.  The image was taken in springtime, so it captures the vivid greens that are the newly formed […]

Photobook NYC competition – VOTE FOR ME PLEASE

Nightscape of Manhattan with the USS New York just arrived for commissioning.

One Perfect Day

Dawn and Sunset color photographs taken on the same day from the same spot, Inspiration Point in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

Sunrise At Canton Lake

Sunrise At Canton Lake

A color photographic image and fine art print of dawn over a still lake with beautiful clouds, suns rays and reflection.

February’s New Images

February's New Images


Ancient Pueblo Dwellings

Ancient Pueblo Dwellings

A landscape black and white image of Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado.