Help Us Decide and get a Chance to Win One of My Prints

Help Us Decide and get a Chance to Win One of My Prints

We have ordered a protective shield to go on the windshield of our Motorhome when we are encamped.  We are going to have one of my images printed on the shield – but we are having difficulty choosing.  Thus you can help us.  After agonizing over this problem we have narrowed the choice down to […]

March’s images – a great opportunity for black & white

March's images - a great opportunity for black & white

Yes, I just love black and white.  I started in photography with Kodak black and white 120 film in my Father’s box Brownie camera at the age of 10.  More recently I enjoyed using the same film type in my Hasselblad cameras, now using my Nikons and the digital darkroom I still love the results! […]

A Sample of Recent Adventures in South Dakota.

A Sample of Recent Adventures in South Dakota.

As we approached the Thor Diesel Owners Club Rally I managed to carve out a day and a half to work on some images.  Something I haven’t managed to do since the end of May – which is REALLY bad.  But essential timing as I head to Anchorage tomorrow morning for a Moose & Northern […]

“Merlin” – My 40′ Motor Home

"Merlin" - My 40' Motor Home

As many of you may remember Louise and I recently purchased a 2007 Monaco Camelot 40′ diesel pusher.  We call it Merlin as we thought it the most appropriate of all of the names from Arthurian Legend. I am frequently asked “when can I/we see your motor home”?  Some folks think we brought it back […]

When it’s a Full Moon…..

When it's a Full Moon.....

If I am not away on a trip, Hamilton Park in New Jersey is where I try to head to on a “clear” night with a full moon.  The park is at the top of a cliff overlooking mid-town Manhattan.  The cliff provides the perspective I love, rather than being at river level.  From this […]

Drama in the Skies

Drama in the Skies

In landscape photography nine times out of ten the skies really make the image.  That is why most photographers hate bald skies (cloudless) because they are a boring sheet of blue.  Recently when i was in Monument Valley, I would not shoot any landscapes because it was yet another day of bald sky and I […]

Even working on Saturday in my office isn’t too awful

Even working on Saturday in my office isn't too awful

A hard day in the office, on a Saturday, with Louise!           Gear: Nikon D800, MB-D12, Nikkor 14mm-24mm f/2.8  

Dramatic Cloudscape

Dramatic Cloudscape

I just love to watch dramatic skies – and there are many of those here in Florida.  This one was taken during the “Sun ‘n Fun” Airshow.  The weather wasn’t too kind and some displays were cancelled and others modified to suit the weather and the ceiling.  But it was a great airshow none the […]


Black and White images are my absolute passion.  Whenever I am out shooting I am always asking myself “is this a black ad white image?”.  Of course in the (not so long ago for me) old days it was easy, thanks to Kodak’s TMAX 100.  So when I encounter really stormy looking skies the answer […]

September 11th Remembered

Is it possible that eleven years have passed?  The memory of those videos of the attacks on the Twin Towers are still so vivid in my mind, but we are the lucky ones. This year the Memorial Lights had a different setting with the new 1 World Trade Center taking full shape and adding a […]

I Chase “Special Light”

As a photographer I am always studying the light of any potential image and I am always looking for that special, unusual and rare light.  The special light doesn’t happen very often and when I can capture it with a click or two I feel extremely lucky and privileged. Here are two examples of what […]