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A Taste of the Old West – A Feast of Black and White

A Taste of the Old West - A Feast of Black and White

Click on image to see complete blog post A recent post on our travel blog about The Old Trail Town in Cody, WY.  For me a feast in black and white photography – going back in time to get the feel of these old, original, cabins, stores, schoolhouse, stables, etc. from the Wild West.  Including […]

March’s images – a great opportunity for black & white

March's images - a great opportunity for black & white

Yes, I just love black and white.  I started in photography with Kodak black and white 120 film in my Father’s box Brownie camera at the age of 10.  More recently I enjoyed using the same film type in my Hasselblad cameras, now using my Nikons and the digital darkroom I still love the results! […]

February Images, Back to Landscapes

February Images, Back to Landscapes

Most of February was spent visiting Death Valley National Park and then Lone Pine, one of our favourite towns just outside of the Park. Here are a few images from the month.  Click HERE to visit the whole collection from February’s processing. Click on an individual image to go to acquire one of these images. Gear: Nikon […]

Kenai Fjords National Park – what a dream

Kenai Fjords National Park - what a dream

We took the Wildlife  excursion with Kenai Fjords Tours from Seward.  it was 8.5 hours of pure delight.  Captain Mark Lundstrom did an excellent job of getting us to the locations and providing insight on the birds, marine mammals, glaciation and volcanic activity.  We had the good fortune to meet Mark when we went to the […]

Ell Fishing on the Klamath River

Ell Fishing on the Klamath River

This is a recent post from our travel blog  It is yet another amazing thing that we literally just stumbled upon, witnessed and then learnt more about.   Eel Fishing at Klamath River Estuary   Hope you enjoy   Gear: Nikon D800, Nikkor 80.0-400.0mm f/4.5-5.6 VRIII; Nikkor TC-17 EII; Lexar Digital Film

Inside The Hospital at Alcatraz

Inside The Hospital at Alcatraz

OK, it is difficult with two blogs running to decide which should be used to post a given blog.  Most of my posts on the are about places I have visited with my Nikons – so they qualify for both blogs. Here is a link to the blog I recently posted on the RVing […]

Visiting with the Ancients – a recent blog from our “”

Visiting with the Ancients - a recent blog from our ""

Since I was first introduced to the Ancient Pueblo Ruins on my very first photography workshop with John Sexton, locating and photographing them has been one of my passions. We were lucky enough to visit several sites last year as we crossed the Colorado Plateau. Visiting With The Ancients

A Sample of Recent Adventures in South Dakota.

A Sample of Recent Adventures in South Dakota.

As we approached the Thor Diesel Owners Club Rally I managed to carve out a day and a half to work on some images.  Something I haven’t managed to do since the end of May – which is REALLY bad.  But essential timing as I head to Anchorage tomorrow morning for a Moose & Northern […]

“Merlin” – My 40′ Motor Home

"Merlin" - My 40' Motor Home

As many of you may remember Louise and I recently purchased a 2007 Monaco Camelot 40′ diesel pusher.  We call it Merlin as we thought it the most appropriate of all of the names from Arthurian Legend. I am frequently asked “when can I/we see your motor home”?  Some folks think we brought it back […]

Drama in the Skies

Drama in the Skies

In landscape photography nine times out of ten the skies really make the image.  That is why most photographers hate bald skies (cloudless) because they are a boring sheet of blue.  Recently when i was in Monument Valley, I would not shoot any landscapes because it was yet another day of bald sky and I […]

Even working on Saturday in my office isn’t too awful

Even working on Saturday in my office isn't too awful

A hard day in the office, on a Saturday, with Louise!           Gear: Nikon D800, MB-D12, Nikkor 14mm-24mm f/2.8  

From Venice Fishing Pier

From Venice Fishing Pier

It was good to be back on the Fishing Pier at Venice, Florida.  It just typifies the Sea Shore here.  Very busy with lots of people fishing, many youngsters – girls as well as boys, but all age groups.  I wonder how many took their supper home? I was waiting for the buzzer in my […]

F-104 A Rare Treat

F-104 A Rare Treat

It is not often these days you get an opportunity to see an F-104 Starfighter – twice!  Yes it performed the first two days at the TICO Warbird Airshow, unfortunately on the third day it was too windy  so the F-104 performed along the taxiways for the appreciative crowds. I certainly hadn’t seen a Strfighter in […]

Yesterday’s Sunrise

Yesterday's Sunrise

Yesterday’s sunrise, photographically speaking was not spectacular.  But as with all sunrises (and sunsets) there is that magical feeling of calmness and being at one with nature – and that is always spectacular.  Especially when shared with a newly found friend. So on the Beach at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge there was a bank […]


Black and White images are my absolute passion.  Whenever I am out shooting I am always asking myself “is this a black ad white image?”.  Of course in the (not so long ago for me) old days it was easy, thanks to Kodak’s TMAX 100.  So when I encounter really stormy looking skies the answer […]

September 11th Remembered

Is it possible that eleven years have passed?  The memory of those videos of the attacks on the Twin Towers are still so vivid in my mind, but we are the lucky ones. This year the Memorial Lights had a different setting with the new 1 World Trade Center taking full shape and adding a […]

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