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“Merlin” – My 40′ Motor Home

"Merlin" - My 40' Motor Home

As many of you may remember Louise and I recently purchased a 2007 Monaco Camelot 40′ diesel pusher.  We call it Merlin as we thought it the most appropriate of all of the names from Arthurian Legend. I am frequently asked “when can I/we see your motor home”?  Some folks think we brought it back […]

When it’s a Full Moon…..

When it's a Full Moon.....

If I am not away on a trip, Hamilton Park in New Jersey is where I try to head to on a “clear” night with a full moon.  The park is at the top of a cliff overlooking mid-town Manhattan.  The cliff provides the perspective I love, rather than being at river level.  From this […]

What causes the Flush?

What causes the Flush?

A group of Stilt Sandpipers at dusk in the Tundra Marshes of Churchill, Manitoba on the Hudson Bay.  They are happily milling around, preening but not looking for food – it is the end of the day, time for bed … I am stealthily taking their photographs, because as a photographer while I am edging […]

Follow The Herd?

Follow The Herd?

An image of a group of birds all heading in the same direction – hunting for sustenance in the Far North during their breeding season.  But, can you spot the “odd man out”?  I am not sure why, but I am always thrilled when I can get a shot with more than one species together […]

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