Drama in the Skies

In landscape photography nine times out of ten the skies really make the image.  That is why most photographers hate bald skies (cloudless) because they are a boring sheet of blue.  Recently when i was in Monument Valley, I would not shoot any landscapes because it was yet another day of bald sky and I had spent days shooting around the sky.  Fortunately i thought to go to Upper Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon where it is difficult to see the sky.

But on other days the Photography Gods smile upon you and reward you with magnificent drama in the sky, here I express the drama in monochrome images (black & white is my passion for photographic images).

The first two images are shot directly at the sun, which is behind some very thin clouds, but enough to prevent lens flare.





Caspersen-Beach-Venice-Florida-13-014186.bw.vv Caspersen-Beach-Venice-Florida-13-014166.bw.vv Caspersen-Beach-Venice-Florida-13-014163.bw.vv Caspersen-Beach-Venice-Florida-13-014154.bw.vv



Gear:  Nikon D800, Nikon MB-D12, Nikkor 14mm-24mm f/2.8, Lexar Digital Film

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