I’ve Got Lunch Honey – Well Almost!

I am in Churchill, Manitoba, on the Hudson Bay, to shoot the migrating birds (with my Nikons).  Churchill is one of my favourite places to visit.  It is a remote community of about 800 people that was established over 300 years ago to defend the Hudson Bay fur trade.  You can only get here by plane or train (except the train lines have been washed out at the moment and are unlikely to be restored before August!).

It is a very relaxing place to be and I love the Tundra and the Boreal Forest (and at this time of year the long days).

The Arctic Terns (Sterna paradisaca) have the longest migration of all birds.  They fly from Antarctica to the Arctic to have their young. They arrived here in significant numbers two days ago.  I was on the shore at Cape Merry photographing various birds in the water and resting on ice floes when I saw this Arctic Tern on the tip of a small “sculptured” Ice berg.  So I started “clicking” and this sequence happened.

I love this sequence and laugh when I see it.  Hope you enjoy it too.

Hey Honey I’ve brought Lunch

About Time Too, It has been a very long Journey from Antarctica!

You haven’t left me much room to land!


Sorry !

What Just Happened?

Gear: Nikon D4s; Nikkor 600.0mm f/4; Nikkor TC-17; RRS Tripod & Gimbal Head; Lexar Digital Film

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