Juveniles ONLY – NO ADULTS !

I made a return visit to Pinecraft Park in Sarasota to show Louise the Barred Owls and the Pileated Woodpeckers.  However, on this visit I could only shoot the juveniles.  We did see an adult Barred Owl, but it was right against the trunk of a tree and completely obscured by branches and leaves.  But we did see the three young ones on a branch together…..


I love my sister…..




Oh, it’s SOOOOoooo tiring being cute all of the time



Nap time!  Well we are really nocturnal creatures, but we just don’t know it yet.


Where did you come from?  Making all that clicking sound.

Barred-Owl-Fledgelings-Strix-varia-Pinecraft-Park-Sarasota-13-012509.vv Barred-Owl-Fledgelings-Strix-varia-Pinecraft-Park-Sarasota-13-012482.vv

Barred-Owl-Fledgelings-Strix-varia-Pinecraft-Park-Sarasota-13-012380.vv Barred-Owl-Fledgelings-Strix-varia-Pinecraft-Park-Sarasota-13-012379.vv Barred-Owl-Fledgelings-Strix-varia-Pinecraft-Park-Sarasota-13-012367.vv

It was a similar situation with the Pileated Woodpeckers.  We saw an adult pecking at a tree, possibly to get grubs for the young, but none at the nest hole.  But I did get the two young heads peeking out of the hole looking for a parent bearing lunch!




Where’s our Lunch Mum, Dad, anyone – we are starving.  We haven’t had a bite to eat for over 20 minutes!

Pileated-Woodpecker-nest-Dryocopus-pileatus-Pinecraft-Park-Sarasota-13-012536.vv Pileated-Woodpecker-nest-Dryocopus-pileatus-Pinecraft-Park-Sarasota-13-012523.vv


Gear: Nikon D4, Nikkor 600mm f/4 VR II, Nikkor TC-17e II, RRS tripod, RRS Gimbal Head, Lexar digital film

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