“Merlin” – My 40′ Motor Home

As many of you may remember Louise and I recently purchased a 2007 Monaco Camelot 40′ diesel pusher.  We call it Merlin as we thought it the most appropriate of all of the names from Arthurian Legend.

I am frequently asked “when can I/we see your motor home”?  Some folks think we brought it back from Arizona when we bought it, but we had to hurry back and travelled the 2,400 miles in three days (something I do not intend to achieve in Merlin, EVER) but what would I have done with my BMW Z3?  We are pleasantly surprised at how many people have said that this is also their dream, or what a wonderful adventure.  Hardly anyone has said (at least to our faces) that they think we are nuts!

Well, plans are being drawn-up and implemented!  As most of you know I have spent a lot of time away this year taking photographs – Merlin will make that easier and more cost effective – and I can’t wait to start!  I have located a trailer on which to tow the “dinghy” (the car that travels behind the motor home) which is on the same street in Mesa that Merlin is at the dealer’s.  I wanted an “off-road” capable vehicle as there are many excellent places to shoot along many a “dirt road” (e.g. Racetrack in Death Valley National Park is 40 miles each way down a dirt road) – so I now have a Land Rover LR2 that will accomplish that (and yes, when the trip will not need off-road wheels – say birds in Florida in January – my Z3 will ride as the dinghy).

So the plan is to go get Merlin very early in November.  As he is in Mesa Arizona, the first photography stop will be The Grand Canyon, an easy drive from Mesa.  Yes, I hear you say, I was there earlier this year!  But The Canyon is THE Canyon and I think it is impossible to be there too much, besides in November I believe I stand an excellent chance of dramatic weather!  The “shake-down” trip to bring Merlin home will probably be four weeks.  By then I should know what I need to add to Merlin’s payload and what to take out.

One thing I most definitely have to sort out (but probably not for the shake-down trip) is internet access – so I will blog as often as I can get access.

So as a taster, I include a panorama taken earlier this year during a workshop with Moose Peterson & Kevin Dobler.  I was really happy with the moody images I captured this visit and I hope to develop my Grand Canyon images even further in November!


A detail from the panorama


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Gear: Nikon D800, Nikkor 70mm-200mm f/2.8 VRII, RRS tripod & ball head, Lexar digital film


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