A new Home for my beloved Nikon, RRS, Gitzo, etc. GEAR!


No, I am not looking for a new home for it all , I am definitely keeping it all so don’t get excited (sorry Hadas, I know you are looking for a good camera), but I have just completed my IKEA jig-saw puzzle so that I can organize and store all of my photographic gear.  The chest has worked out beautifully – not a single piece left over – you know, those extra pieces that are there to taunt you – “Where did I miss putting it? Where did I go wrong?”.

Dennis and I walked round IKEA with the second part of the lens shade for the 600mm f/4 VRII testing out the depth of the drawers to ensure the 600mm would fit (and thereby everything else)!  So plenty of room, drawers slide smoothly.

The only thing now is to find where I can get some dense foam so that I can line the drawers and make cut-outs for each piece of equipment so that it doesn’t bounce around when the drawers are opened and closed.



Gear: iPnone5







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  1. Hadas says:

    Although I would have loved to have this equipment and solve your problem, I think that any Michaels or A.C.Moore have foam you can buy. If their’s is not dense enough, any appolstery (spelling?) Shop will have it. Good luck!

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