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Follow The Herd?

Follow The Herd?

An image of a group of birds all heading in the same direction – hunting for sustenance in the Far North during their breeding season.  But, can you spot the “odd man out”?  I am not sure why, but I am always thrilled when I can get a shot with more than one species together […]

Ablutions in the Tundra Marshes

Ablutions in the Tundra Marshes

It is past 9:00 pm, there is no hint of sunset, but we are into the sweet light of the day, referred to by most as “golden hour”.  I have been out since 6:00 am, just after sunrise, as there isn’t much night this far North – just south of the Arctic Circle – in […]

Even working on Saturday in my office isn’t too awful

Even working on Saturday in my office isn't too awful

A hard day in the office, on a Saturday, with Louise!           Gear: Nikon D800, MB-D12, Nikkor 14mm-24mm f/2.8  

Dramatic Cloudscape

Dramatic Cloudscape

I just love to watch dramatic skies – and there are many of those here in Florida.  This one was taken during the “Sun ‘n Fun” Airshow.  The weather wasn’t too kind and some displays were cancelled and others modified to suit the weather and the ceiling.  But it was a great airshow none the […]


Black and White images are my absolute passion.  Whenever I am out shooting I am always asking myself “is this a black ad white image?”.  Of course in the (not so long ago for me) old days it was easy, thanks to Kodak’s TMAX 100.  So when I encounter really stormy looking skies the answer […]

September 11th Remembered

Is it possible that eleven years have passed?  The memory of those videos of the attacks on the Twin Towers are still so vivid in my mind, but we are the lucky ones. This year the Memorial Lights had a different setting with the new 1 World Trade Center taking full shape and adding a […]

I Chase “Special Light”

As a photographer I am always studying the light of any potential image and I am always looking for that special, unusual and rare light.  The special light doesn’t happen very often and when I can capture it with a click or two I feel extremely lucky and privileged. Here are two examples of what […]

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