Both Avro Lancasters Flying Together

I recently received and watched the BluRay “Reunion of Giants”.  It is an incredible feature of a truly unique event.  It is the story of how the Avro Lancaster Mk. X owned and operated by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (CWHM) was readied and flew to England in order to fly in formation with the only other flying Avro Lancaster (Mk. 1) in the World, owned by the Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF).

The CWHM Lancaster “VeRA” from her code letters was in fact manufactured in Canada.  During the war a British built Avro Lancaster was flown to Canada so that it could be “copied” and manufactured to assist the war effort.   This was reliably reversed engineered with eh exception that, at the time, the Canadian industry had not mastered the “flush rivet”. so today VeRa has non-flush rivets.

Both Lancasters were ably supported by two Supermarine Spitfires of the BBMF.

I can still hear those 10 Merlin engines thrumming away – what a sound!

Watching the film inspired me and made me feel guilty that I had been at the first public display of these magnificent aircraft flying and that I had not processed any images.  It brought home the preparation that the CWHM had to make, the troubles that can occur with 70 year old heavy bombers and the fact that they are a non-profit organization.  Louise and I had contributed a little to the cause by attending the annual CWHM event in Hamilton Ontario, it’s home.

So I worked on some images of this historic event. Personally I love the black and whites, but I do understand that I am in the minority in this day and age.  What do you think?

Black and white photograph of static Avro Lancaster Mk. X with stormy sky

“VeRA” at her home base in Hamilton Ontario

color photograph of two Avro Lancaster and a Supermarine Spitfire flying in formation

VeRA and Thumper escorted by a Spitfire

Black and white photograph of the CWHM Lancaster "VeRA" and the BBMF Lancaster "Thumper" flying off

Lancasters Mk. 1 and Mk. X flying in formation

black and white image of two Avro lancastejs flying in formation

BBMF “Thumper” and CWHM “VeRA” flying in formation

color images of two Avro lancastejs flying over the English Channel

“Thumper” leading “VeRA” in tight formation over the English Channel

To see the current crop of Lancaster images click here to go to my warplane photography website

Gear: Nikon D4s, Nikkor 80.0-400.0mm f/4.5-5.6 VRII, Nikkor TC-17 EII, Lexar Digital Film

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