From Venice Fishing Pier

It was good to be back on the Fishing Pier at Venice, Florida.  It just typifies the Sea Shore here.  Very busy with lots of people fishing, many youngsters – girls as well as boys, but all age groups.  I wonder how many took their supper home?

I was waiting for the buzzer in my pocket to go off to tell me that my table at Sharky’s Restaurant was ready.  So I made a few clicks.

Last time we were in the area, Louise and I saw several people in the shallows scooping up sand and putting it on tables.  The tables resembled the sorting tables used in movies for gold panners.  We thought they were looking for seas shells.  However, it turns out they were looking for shark teeth.  Apparently there is an unusual phenomenon here that lots of shark teeth find their way to the Venice beaches – and money can be made from them!  In fact there is a Shark Tooth Festival currently in Venice!

I also cannot resist where the sun is low and making the sea glisten – the contrast is so strong – says Black & White to me!

Some of this evening’s clicks:

Gear: Nikon D800; Nikkor 70mm-200mm f/2.8 VRII; Lexar Digital Film

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