Yesterday’s Sunrise

Yesterday’s sunrise, photographically speaking was not spectacular.  But as with all sunrises (and sunsets) there is that magical feeling of calmness and being at one with nature – and that is always spectacular.  Especially when shared with a newly found friend.

So on the Beach at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge there was a bank of cloud to the horizon, so we saw the glow long before the sun.  But the sound of the waves was captivating and the light playing off of them and the surf was beautiful.  So perhaps a sunrise does not need to have those spectacular colours and cumulus clouds on the horizon and the God beams radiating from them – or does it?

Merritt-Island-Beach-12Z1722.01 Merritt-Island-Beach-12Z1748.01 Merritt-Island-Beach-12Z1791.01

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