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Yesterday’s Sunrise

Yesterday's Sunrise

Yesterday’s sunrise, photographically speaking was not spectacular.  But as with all sunrises (and sunsets) there is that magical feeling of calmness and being at one with nature – and that is always spectacular.  Especially when shared with a newly found friend. So on the Beach at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge there was a bank […]

First Outing for Bigger Bertha

First Outing for Bigger Bertha

I called my 200mm-400mm f/4 VRII lens “Big Bertha” when I first got it because it is big and also heavy.  I use this mostly for airs hows.  I have recently acquired “Bigger Bertha” to use for wildlife and this was “Bigger’s” first outing.  Also for my new heavier duty Really Right Stuff tripod and […]

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