I Chase “Special Light”

As a photographer I am always studying the light of any potential image and I am always looking for that special, unusual and rare light.  The special light doesn’t happen very often and when I can capture it with a click or two I feel extremely lucky and privileged.

Here are two examples of what I call “Special Light”.

The first combines itself with one of my other passions – juxtaposition.  Juxtaposition often registers with me as a form of irony, whether natural or man-made.  Here the example is juxtaposition of light, which is just about my favorite!

I am in Colorado for the fall colors it is a very stormy and gloomy day, but there are occasional breaks in the clouds.  I have set up for the scene and I am patiently waiting to see if that (juxtaposition) special light is going to reward my patience.  There is a hole in the cloud cover, the suns rays light up the stand of Aspen trees I have lined up and “click”!

 (Richard William King)

The second, was taken on the same trip to Colorado, but in a completely different location.  “Buy why does he say this light is special?” I hear you say at first glance.  Yes it is a great scene of an As[en tree wood in fall splendor, but the light?  Can you see it?

If you look at the tree trunks you will notice they are being lit from both sides.  Yes it is a great sunny day which is where the light from the right comes from, but where does the more diffused light from the left come from?

 (Richard William King)

What do you think?  Thank you for coming by and viewing.

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