September 11th Remembered

Is it possible that eleven years have passed?  The memory of those videos of the attacks on the Twin Towers are still so vivid in my mind, but we are the lucky ones.

This year the Memorial Lights had a different setting with the new 1 World Trade Center taking full shape and adding a magnificent display of Red, White and Blue lights to compliment the commemorative beams which represent the Twin Towers.

It is curious to me how the seagulls are attracted to the columns of light and it has a calming effect just to stand and watch them circling around the beams while I filter out the chatter, albeit muted, of the other onlookers.  The birds just cycle around, sometimes gliding from one column to the other.  It is most surreal, as if they understand the occasion and are joining in.  These are long exposures so the moving birds look like silver threads in the blue beams.

Here are two views from last night, one taken from Liberty Sate Park and the other from the point at Port Liberté ferry terminal. The latter giving a great view of the southern tip of Manhattan Island.  I also include an old image from the early Memorial lights for comparison.

I hope you enjoy and always remember.

Live In Peace.

 (Richard King)

From Liberty State Park

 (Richard King)

From the point at Port Liberté

 (Richard King)

The birds

September 11th Remembered (Richard King)

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