Fort DeSoto

This is my first visit to Fort DeSoto County Park in Pinellas County, Florida.  So this is really only day 3 of my new project – shooting wildlife, in particular birds.  It is at last warm (last week on the East side of Florida it was very cold and windy) with a pleasant breeze taking some of the heat away.  Yes I have “Bigger” with me with a 1.4 tele-converter as well.  All of these shots were hand-held as I was in transit and the trunk and passenger seat of my little car were jam packed with all of my gear and clothes.

With the narrow field of view the lens has, made even narrower by the tele-converter I have to practice my “target acquisition” a LOT!  But look at the beautiful compression I get with this glass combination.

Hope you like!

I just cannot get over the color of the eyes.



He really didn’t like me hanging around.  In fact he only stayed on the nest for about ten minutes then took off.  I stood patiently waiting for forty-five minutes and maybe three times he flew by I am sure to check whether I was still there.




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