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Nature’s Sentry

Nature's Sentry

The change in plumage of the shorebirds and the distance they migrate in order to mate is mind-blowing.  Most of them gather here in Churchill in the very north of Manitoba, Canada which is sited on the Hudson Bay. The plumage change is most significant in the male birds as it is their way of […]

Who would have thought – An Owl that Lives Below Ground?

Who would have thought - An Owl that Lives Below Ground?

Yes indeed the Burrowing Owl digs its own burrow in which to lay and hatch its young! In Cape Coral, Florida you are told to look for vacant building lots to search for Burrowing Owls (Athene Caunicularia).  This proves the Owls are a wise as legend has, because in Cape Coral their habitats are protected […]

How do you feed your children?

How do you feed your children?

Spending hours at The Venice Rookery on my new project, bird photography, I get the chance just to watch and observe different behaviours.  One that started to get my attention was the different way some of the nesting birds fed their young. A Great Blue Heron with one chick arrives on the tops of the […]

Fort DeSoto

Fort DeSoto

This is my first visit to Fort DeSoto County Park in Pinellas County, Florida.  So this is really only day 3 of my new project – shooting wildlife, in particular birds.  It is at last warm (last week on the East side of Florida it was very cold and windy) with a pleasant breeze taking […]

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