Great Egret Chicks – how cute

Visiting The Rookery at Venice again there is this Great Egret nest on the edge of the “island” in full view.  For the first time I saw Great Egret chicks – how startlingly strange they look with their green skin an white “punk” plumage around their head and necks.  And those big eyes, which when they are fully grown won’t seem so big.

They played together well and often in perfect symmetry.  It was curious to see them with their beaks interlocked, I wondered if that is how they are fed by an adult?  A process I have not witnessed yet.  But then I saw an adult pair on another nest doing the same thing.






Gear: Nikon D4, Nikkor 600mm f/4 VR II, Nikkor TC-14e II; Lexar Digital Film


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