Who Are These Guys?

I am at the TICO Warbird Airshow. I have finished the static shoot as there are now too many people milling around.  So I am back at the car leisurely swapping wide angled lenses for telephoto lenses, there is no rush. It is 11:00 am. with flying due to start at 12:30pm plenty of time to grab something to eat and drink and find my spot for the afternoon.

But they came from the South, flying low.  Were they …….?  But there was only three and there should be six. One of them a non-smoker….


They came in overhead and then split up, people started to watch, some even speculated……


They even flew at each other from different directions. Was it them? …


They kept doing this for a good half an hour….


They made very noisy passes – many peoples faces lit up for that.  Others just screamed!


Nobody minded, nobody complained …..


Then they re-grouped into their initial formation – all smoking this time…



And left, without a word or wave good bye….


A new word was being banded around the crowd – sequestration!  Was this all we were going to get?  Had they been trimmed down?  Now there was quite a buzz going around the crowd.  Will they be back?  They ARE supposed to be the grand finale.

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  1. admin says:

    Thanks Bruce. I was wondering whether it was better to put the story first then the images as perviously or whether to intersperse the images in the story as with this post. I think I like it this way better – but it is all down to how folks prefer to read it.

  2. Bruce KAY says:

    Good sequence. Good story

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