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Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) dines on Frogs Legs

We are at the Dealership for “Tigger”, our 40′ diesel pusher motor home and one of the managers tells me that they had just finished clearing the pond and there is a couple of “nice ducks” on the water.  So I head round there with my gear, but they are a pair of standard Mallards.  However […]

How do you feed your children?

How do you feed your children?

Spending hours at The Venice Rookery on my new project, bird photography, I get the chance just to watch and observe different behaviours.  One that started to get my attention was the different way some of the nesting birds fed their young. A Great Blue Heron with one chick arrives on the tops of the […]

Great Egret Chicks – how cute

Great Egret Chicks - how cute

Visiting The Rookery at Venice again there is this Great Egret nest on the edge of the “island” in full view.  For the first time I saw Great Egret chicks – how startlingly strange they look with their green skin an white “punk” plumage around their head and necks.  And those big eyes, which when […]

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