One Perfect Day

Hoodoos At Sunrise, Bryce Canyon (Richard King) Sunset At Inspiration Point, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah (Richard King)

A perfect day in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.  Both of these images were taken from Inspiration Point, an excellent place for Sunrise and Sunset shots.

It was a very cold October morning and the path from the parking lot to Inspiration Point is quite steep, but I was the first photographer to set up on this morning so I had the best spot.  The wait was well rewarded because as the sun started to come up, it appeared to illuminate the Hoodoos from within – as if they were night lights that were being switched on one at a time.  This light show lasted for about ten minutes, until the sun was above the horizon.

Having taken the most advantage of “Golden Hour” the rest of the day was hiking some of the trails amongst the Hoodoos.  What an incredible experience that was.  You can turn a corner on the trail and there in front of you is a pine tree straining for the light.  It is about sixty feet tall and you have to squeeze around the base as it has grown in the depth of the narrow canyon.

Watching the time, I then made my way back to Inspiration Point to set up ready for the sunset.  Although the view is not across Bryce Canyon, the colour show was magnificent!

Both images were shot on Fuji Velvia – my colour stock of choice on my Hasselblad camera.

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