F-104 A Rare Treat

It is not often these days you get an opportunity to see an F-104 Starfighter – twice!  Yes it performed the first two days at the TICO Warbird Airshow, unfortunately on the third day it was too windy  so the F-104 performed along the taxiways for the appreciative crowds.

I certainly hadn’t seen a Strfighter in the air since a team of 5 performed at the annual RAF Biggin Hill Battle of Britain Air Show in the late 1970s.  The team comprised 5 aircraft and they arrived in line abreast formation with full re-heeats on at crowd top height – what a fantastic noise!  All of the women in the crowd screamed!

This group of F-104s earn their living under contract to NASA when the take some of the experiments scheduled for the International Space Station and test that they will survive the thrust and acceleration of the Rocket launch.

F-104-Starfighter-interceptor-Lockheed-13-005377.vvF-104-Starfighter-interceptor-Lockheed-13-006516.vvF-104-Starfighter-interceptor-Lockheed-13-006520.vvF-104-Starfighter-interceptor-Lockheed-13-006580.vvF-104-Starfighter-interceptor-Lockheed-13-005375.vvF-104-Starfighter-interceptor-Lockheed-13-005332.vvF-104-Starfighter-interceptor-Lockheed-13-006567.vvF-104-Starfighter-interceptor-Lockheed-13-006568.vv F-104-Starfighter-interceptor-Lockheed-13-006569.vvF-104-Starfighter-interceptor-Lockheed-13-006529.vvF-104-Starfighter-interceptor-Lockheed-13-006571.vv

Gear:  Nikon D800, Nikkor 200mm-400mm f/4 VRII, Nikkor TC-14e II, Lexar Digital Film

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