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F-104 A Rare Treat

F-104 A Rare Treat

It is not often these days you get an opportunity to see an F-104 Starfighter – twice!  Yes it performed the first two days at the TICO Warbird Airshow, unfortunately on the third day it was too windy  so the F-104 performed along the taxiways for the appreciative crowds. I certainly hadn’t seen a Strfighter in […]

Tricolored Heron – entertained me this morning

Tricolored Heron - entertained me this morning

This morning at The Rookery in Venice, Florida, a Tricolored Heron entertained me for quite a time as it edged its way around the banks of the pond looking for its breakfast.  Its gorgeous blue beak and it richly coloured plumage caught my attention so I was captivated and watched it as it patiently worked […]